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Great Guests and Great Dialogue!

Lenny does a great job finding guests that aren’t always profiled, offering unique insights, and coming prepared with a framework of questions, but not being afraid to deviate when they find a good topic.

Love it love it love it

Smart, warm, humble, insightful, engaging.

Amazing questions with diverse guest

Lenny knows how to ask great questions and let his guest speak. What’s most interesting is the range of guest he brings from the growth and product world. It’s almost never the CEO of the company, but those leading those functions on the day to day. Great work Lenny. Just some feedback, the podcast comes off more like a straight interview than a conversation. I think Lenny can do a better job at transitioning between questions.

One of the best product management podcasts.

Stories are relatable and always have multiple takeaways.

Phenomenal Podcast and Newsletter

Lenny is a great interviewer who challenges his interviewees to provide nuanced answers to difficult problems. He is sharp and very prepared in his interviews and has interesting people at all levels come on his show. Thank you Lenny for the great content.

My go to product podcast!

I listen to Lenny weekly for all things product and it’s great for any level of PM.

Love the content

Such a great podcast, I honestly learn so much every time I listen. I also really enjoy how Lenny asks thoughtful questions and then will let his guests answer and shine on in their brilliance. I get that some people start podcasts just to hear themselves talk, but not Lenny. I feel like he’s really out here trying to help people out with amazing guests and insightful concepts.

Best PM podcast out there!

I listen everyday on my way to work. Lenny is a master at asking thoughtful questions that allow his guests to really dive deep into their strengths. Thanks Lenny!

Great guests!

Love listening to this pod. Lenny has such great guests on this show!

Great for PMs of all levels

I’ve enjoyed most of Lenny’s episodes, and it’s great to get introduced to broad topics in product development and leadership.

Best product podcast

Lenny does a great job of interviewing his guest and breaking down the concepts they talk about.

Great for new PMs

I’m a new PM and I listen to all the episodes and it has taught me so much!!

Must listen

Not only for PMs, but also for founders, engineers, and designers

Always informative and insightful

Lenny does a fantastic job of facilitating interesting conversations that let the experience and perspective of his guests take center stage. The ‘cast is one of the best out there for exposing listeners to the incredible breadth of the product discipline. Check out the one with Shreyas Doshi. It will change your life!


Excellent podcast! Love it!

Favorite Product Podcast

In a sea of podcasts, it’s tough to sift through the noise. If you’ve only got time for one podcast to listen to and you’re a product manager or startup founder, this should be at the top of your list. High quality content, interesting and actionable conversations, and accomplished people. It can be tiring to listen to talking heads talking to other talking heads, but Lenny does a good job recruiting people to interview who are still in the field.

Amazing for product people

This podcast does an incredible job at bringing different types of people in with backgrounds not just in the product world. Most importantly, he brings in practitioners, and Lenny is always able to draw actionable insights from his guests. A huge pain point before I discovered this podcast was listening to product talks where info was very theoretical and superfluous. Lenny makes a conscientious effort to root the discussion using real world examples and tactical advice.

Quality Insights

Lenny seems to be really good at listening. He’s able to not only repeat the bullet points of a guests monologue, for easy digestion, but also ask interesting follow up questions rather than sticking only to his script. Highly recommend!

Big fan!

I always get so many ideas and learnings out of each ep

Great content

This is a must listen, always great content and insights.

must-listen for my product and pmm team

every time a new episode drops or a newsletter from lenny hits my inbox, my whole product and pmm job drop everything and listen. sometimes we have spin off convos and share key insights and annotations. extremely valuable info!

Best Product Podcast

Learn a lot! Keep it going, Lenny!

Exceptional Product Podcast

Amazing podcasts and guests.

Must Have

A great tool to help you grow, challenge and learn! Highly recommend and it’s one of my favorite product podcasts!

Always find useful and practical information!

I’m new to Lenny’s podcast, but is has quickly become one of my favorites. I’m always excited to hear useful, practical, and actionable advice I can apply in my work, or have new ideas to think about.

Great podcast

very helpful when building your startup!

A must for PM at all levels

It’s easy to get lost being a PM and have years go by in the job. Lenny digs into personal stories and professional gems with each of the guests to uplevel product thinking and also take a step back to evaluate your own PM journey. It’s like being a fly on the wall of a coffee chat or lunch conversation between thoughtful, smart people. I look forward to every episode. Thanks for putting this together Lenny.

My go to podcast as a new PM

Over the last 6 months I have transitioned into a PM role for the first time. Lenny’s podcast has introduced me to tactical PM skills that apply to all levels of experience, while also offering broader career advice. But most importantly, his curiosity shines through in every episode, which keeps me coming back over other podcasts. Highly recommend.

Quality & volume that blows my mind

Big fan of the Lenny empire. The model, the media, the hustle. Love it.

The best!

Lenny is the best. Guests are top notch. Insights are incredibly useful. If you’re trying to build and grow a great product, you must listen!