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The best podcast for Product

Nothing compares. The questions and answers always inspire real action in my daily work. The deep bench of qualified guests and frequency is unparalleled. Thank you Lenny!

So glad I found Lenny!

Don’t let his soft spoken, humble manner fool you… Lenny’s insights and information packs a real punch and gets to the heart of all things marketplaces, product management, and so much more. He covers high level stuff but he makes a newbie like me want to dive right in. What a gem of a podcast!

Amazing Product Content!

I have been super impressed with the episodes I’ve listen to on this podcast. One of the more recent ones with Marty Cagan is absolutely a mus listen to for any product manager or product leader. Lenny ask really good questions, listens really well and overall I am just incredibly impressed with his podcast.

My favorite podcast!

Lenny always has incredible convos with his amazing guests in a thoughtful but super engaging way. I look forward to listening every single week.

Very informative content!

These Pods are full of great information for anyone that is building a business, launching a new product, running a team or just wants to improve upon themselves or attempting to build something valuable in the world.

Are you even a PM if you don’t listen to Lenny’s Podcasts?

Learning so much with each episode. Lenny creates the best content!


Love listening to Lenny and his guests, so much rich information

Chock full of actionable insights

I stumbled onto Lenny’s podcast recently and straight binged it. I recently transitioned into UX research and while this podcast is mostly focused on product, it’s been invaluable in giving me insight into what product stakeholders care about, how they think, the language they use, and what’s likely to resonate with them. On top of that, many episodes also provide valuable career guidance and tips. Would recommend for folks across the seniority spectrum, but especially for those just starting out.

You can’t go wrong with Lenny’s!

A great source of inspiration for aspiring and current product managers! I was already a big fan of Lenny’s newsletter and the podcast is another level! - Puppy

Great product discussions from broad perspective

This podcast has great guests and good conversations applicable to Product Management folks.

Helped me step up my game.

Lenny always delivers quality content. An incredible group of guests paired with Lenny’s insight and you’re in for a treat. Lenny has truly helped me take my approach to product to the next level as I embark on my second journey as a product focused entrepreneur.

I’ve been listening to every single episode, each packed full of insights

This podcast really stands out as an incredibly helpful resource for entrepreneurs and anyone working in tech. I’ve been listening to every single episode, each of them packed full of insights about building, launching and growing a product. It’s really high-quality content, going a lot deeper than other business podcasts I’ve come across. Lenny’s guests are world-class leaders and he goes above and beyond getting them to answer listeners’ questions live in AMA sessions on his Slack channel after the show. Keep up the great work, Lenny!

Awesome Poscast

This is genuine podcast

Best product podcast

Lenny is a fantastic, thoughtful host who interviewed the best of the best guests. He is incredible at drawing out insights and creating really compelling content. 5/5 for sure.

A great product industry resource!

Blogs and books are great, but Lenny’s podcast is a really enjoyable resource for anyone in product.

Learning about new concepts👍🏼

Each episode is different. Conversations are customized on the expertise of the guest.

High quality content on a regular basis

The quality of Lenny’s guests, his questions, and the topics covered are second to none. And the amount of content he’s putting out is crazy! Keep it up, Lenny!

Insightful podcast on (software) Product “stuff” but can slightly tweaked

Lenny’s podcast had been fairly insightful. One remark (minor) is that sometimes the conversations are shallow and the hour (or longer) can be utilized to get deeper. Every conversation feels a bit too new so continuity is lacking thus requiring “mental hoops” to link together insights. Potentially 2 areas to explore: 1. Make the podcast longer 2. Bring a 3rd guest someone who can actually be “live-coached” who fits into the context with your main show guest (e.g. Bob needs help with PLG in b2b so you and Elena tackle that) Otherwise, an enjoyable podcast for product “stuff” that I enjoy anywhere and anytime.

If you’re not listening… you’re missing out

Could listen to Lenny talk about product all day.

Best podcast RE product

I've a few decent podcasts regarding product, but none where I both look forward and dread the next episode. I look forward to the quality content, the handfuls of gold nuggets found in each interview, but I dread the amount of work needed to internalize it because there are so many great things to note.

Great podcast

Loveeee this!


Industry insider with years of experience to share!

My new favorite product podcast

This is fantastic for all levels of product management. Love the content and guests who give actionable advice that is applicable immediately. I listen and delisted to every episode to discern insights as it relates to my work.

Great content

I have listened to each episode!

Best product podcast ever

This has become my favorite podcast on product. I have religiously listened to every episode, and I cannot wait for the next one.

My most shared product podcast

I still mainline Melissa Perri and Reid Hoffman but Lenny’s pod has become my new favorite. Best guests as they relate to smart product thinking, and Lenny adds insightful questions/nudges.

Mandatory listening

Lenny’s podcast is required listening for anyone working in Product or Tech. Excellent guests and content. Great insights and learnings.

The single best strategy and career resource in Product.

This podcast has made me better at my job. I’ve learned more about how to grow in my career and how to grow products from this free content than many paid resources. If you’re interested in product, growth, management, or even personal growth - this is a must listen. And I love that the guests and their experiences are diverse. It’s not the same 5 or 10 people you always hear from. It’s helping me identify new leaders in the space, who look and sound like me. Love it!


Lenny and his guests are a wealth of knowledge, regardless of where you are in your product management career. I love listening to the podcast and following along his newsletter too!

Best product podcast bar-none

Lenny brings in the top guests to discuss unique experiences and learnings based on those product people's specialties. Hooked and subscribed