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Mandatory listening

Lenny’s podcast is required listening for anyone working in Product or Tech. Excellent guests and content. Great insights and learnings.

The single best strategy and career resource in Product.

This podcast has made me better at my job. I’ve learned more about how to grow in my career and how to grow products from this free content than many paid resources. If you’re interested in product, growth, management, or even personal growth - this is a must listen. And I love that the guests and their experiences are diverse. It’s not the same 5 or 10 people you always hear from. It’s helping me identify new leaders in the space, who look and sound like me. Love it!


Lenny and his guests are a wealth of knowledge, regardless of where you are in your product management career. I love listening to the podcast and following along his newsletter too!

Best product podcast bar-none

Lenny brings in the top guests to discuss unique experiences and learnings based on those product people's specialties. Hooked and subscribed

Very insightful

Practical discussions from some of the brightest product minds in the world

High Value for PMs, founders and even GTM

My current favorite podcast. High value whether you are a PM, Founder or on the GTM side. Cogirl78n incredible line up of guests with insightful and actionable advice in the tech space.

Favorite product podcast

This has quickly become my favorite product podcast. Does an awesome job bringing in guests to learn from, asking great questions etc. I always walk away with lots of learnings to put into action.

Great for new PMs

I listen to this podcast on my way to work this is super insightful for people like me who just transitioned into a PM role.

Very useful!

I’m not really into podcasts, but I like this one and will be continuing to listen.

Do yourself a favor and signup

Do yourself and your career a favor, signup, and find yourself time to listen in. You won’t regret it!

Great launch, now we iterate!

When I heard that Lenny was launching a podcast I was excited! Sitting down with Product experts and asking great questions comes naturally for Lenny and his unique curiosity. The episodes so far have been great to listen to but I’d love the interviews to be more free-flowing. They seem somewhat rehearsed, highly edited, and sounds like the interviewee is just reading off a script. A podcast should be a conversation that feels more organic and I hope Lenny can grow the format to be that way instead which would make it much more enjoyable to listen to.

Great Resource for Builders

Lenny’s podcast and newsletter (definitely worth a sign up too!) are great for builders focused on product and growth. Real conversations that get into depth on super helpful topics.

Great mix of guests and topics

Really enjoying Lenny’s podcast so far, he brings on a great mix of guests and covers a wide range of topics that have mostly been useful as a product person and founder.


Incredible podcast to help learn the ins and outs of product management!! Highly recommend

Great for business and product thinkers

I originally came over from the newsletter and am finding I enjoy this format better. Great SME guests sharing deep insight and lessons that you only gain from getting the scars of experience. I share individual episodes with coworkers all the time.

Its pretty good

I think the podcast needs more time to mature, but it is off to a good start.

My favorite product management content!

Easily the best pm content I’ve found, I listen to bear every episode

Very intuitive podcast

For someone thinking about building a product this podcast provides enables to developing a really insightful perspective towards it


As a aspiring PM, I love listening to some of the best product minds out there. Please keep this going Lenny! Thank you so much, I am incredibly grateful

Must listen for new Product Managers

A great resource if you’re starting to pm and want to learn as much as possible. The caliber of guests is as good as it gets. Lenny is great at asking questions to help the audience learn more about core concepts of a great product manager.

Great help for founders

I’m a founder and love this podcast. Learning about product management from the pros! Super engaging and approachable.

Pearls of Wisdom that are…

…Refreshing. Engaging. Transformative.

Best product/growth podcast, period.

Great interviews with world-class product/growth experts

My go-to podcast

I find myself bringing conversations from this podcast to my team weekly. Love the depth and learnings from the stellar roster of guests. Thank you, Lenny!

Amazing podcast for an entrepreneur

I love hearing Lenny’s POV on building product and his questions to his guest. Lenny- I liked the recent upvote / downvote round!

Love it

As a PM this is a super helpful podcast to listen to


Amazing lineup of guests with great insights on all things product and growth

So appreciated!

I soak up Lenny's newsletters and podcasts. He is a gift of knowledge and does an amazing job sharing his wisdom with others. Thank you!

Product space legend

Best podcast in the product space

One of the best podcast for product person

Thanks for your newsletter and podcast!