Career frameworks, A/B testing, onboarding tips, selling to engineers | Laura Schaffer (Amplitude)

Laura Schaffer is the brand-new VP of Growth at Amplitude. Prior to this role, she spent over 10 years leading product management and growth teams at Twilio, Bandwidth, and Rapid. In today’s episode, we talk about the role of experimentation and data in growth, and Laura shares stories of big wins from her time leading growth teams. She explains how customer insights helped her uplevel her career and how she (surprisingly) thinks about qualitative versus quantitative data. We wrap up our conversation by discussing where the best ideas come from and what you need to know if you’re selling to developers.

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In this episode, we cover:
(00:00) Laura’s background
(04:15) How to carve your own career path, and an example from Bandwidth
(05:50) Laura’s career growth framework
(10:18) The value of customer insights
(12:25) The “voice of the customer” report
(16:14) Leaning into your strengths
(18:16) The experiment that shifted the way Laura thinks about friction
(20:20) Questions that improved Twilio’s onboarding and conversion rate
(28:53) Thinking about the psyche of your users
(31:26) The hot dog analogy for burying “scary stuff”
(33:58) Why it’s better to be iterative and why experiments fail
(36:21) Saving money by validating fast
(41:58) Where the best ideas come from
(49:51) Experimentation lessons
(52:54) The amount of time a growth team needs to be successful 
(54:43) The big change at Twilio that led to tens of millions of dollars
(58:41) The need for both PLG and enterprise, and how Amplitude plans to tap into PLG
(1:05:42) What it’s like to serve developers
(1:11:16) Lightning round

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