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Lenny is a gift that keeps on giving

The amount of insights and ideas I’ve picked up from Lenny’s community and now podcasts is just astounding. The podcast specifically has had an absolutely amazing list of guests so far, and I cant wait to listen to more of it

Good as the newsletter

Big fan of the newsletter, happy to discover the podcast is just as good. :)

Great place to learn

Guests are experts in their field. I've found the content unique and insightful!

Best in Breed

Keep a notebook handy because every episode drops jewels of tradable info. Not everyone can benefit from Lenny personally, but if you listen carefully, Lenny’s wisdom will get in your head.

Best podcast for Product Managers

Excellent podcast. And the best part is that it’s not all about B2C! April Dunford offers some great insights on B2B.

Lenny insights are pure gold

You won’t find a more thoughtful person than Lenny. Look forward to devouring every episode packed with his insights and the stellar guests he has interviewed.

Actionable and insightful, just like Lenny’s newsletter and community

Lenny’s Newsletter and community has been instrumental in helping me kick off my product career. I expect nothing less with this podcast, as the first few episodes have already been actionable. Highly recommend this podcast and his paid newsletter!

Loving it so far.

Glad to find this. Now in my queue for my podcasts to listen to while at work.

If you like Lenny’s Newsletter, you’ll LOVE his podcast!

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I’ve been following Lenny’s career and newsletter for some time and was thrilled to learn he was launching a podcast! Like everything Lenny puts out, the podcast is A+! Excited for the episodes to come!

About time!

Stoked for this podcast and the access to such great Product minds!